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Little Wing

angel I was caught by surprise. Wasn't looking for nothing special. Then The Internet brought us together. Fate had to have had a hand in it. Never dreamed of meeting such a gentle, tender-hearted soul. You touched my heart in a way I never imagined possible. angel

angel You became my friend. You lent me a shoulder to cry on. You taught me to laugh in the face of fear. You accepted me as I am. All of this was given to me, for being your friend. I give you the same in return. You opened my razor sharp, cold as ice heart. To show the beauty that was still inside, despite it's torrid pain. For this I feel endebted to you. angel

angel Even though our lives, have caused us to be away from each other, the fond memories are held close to my heart. My soul yearning to be in your company again. Longing to feel the warmth of your welcome. To hear your lol's, and cute wit. To hear you share your life's pain and be there as a shoulder for you to cry on. And with each renewal of us getting in touch with each other, it is as if unchanged. angel

angel Like an unconditional forgivness. Like a sense of, it's understood. Deep within me I feel a sense of ease. A relaxed, don't need my guard up feeling. A sense of surrender. I know in my heart that when our lives cross paths in the real life that it will be a beautiful moment. To really hear those lol's and that cute wit. To feel the that sincere hug and warm greeting and to feel those tears on my shoulder. All I can do is plan for it to happen. Till then fly on lil wing......soar high. angel
¥ Mighty Max ¥
(created and posted on 01/18/1999)
(and reposted here 02/24/99)
(and reuploaded on 02/11/2022 by Prince Alarming)


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