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This site will contain webpages for Virtual Places Chat Program(Ye can get yourself a copy of it here)with a Medieval Flavor, where Honor and Chivalry are it's Heart and Soul. Where respect, is at it's most commanding and Valor is common....

To truly appreciate these pages Ye sould grab a copy of Thy Caligraphy(the font for this site) here!

Directions to properly install font(for the benefit of those who don't know!)!
  1. Download font to your desktop(that's c:\Windows\Desktop\)
  2. use a zip program to unzip it to C:\Windows\Desktop\
  3. then goto my computer and choose c:\Windows\Fonts
  4. at top of folder are menus one is File choose that
  5. choose install new font
  6. browse back to c:\Windows\Destop\
  7. highlight and choose install font
  8. you just installed a font properly
  9. in font folder choose View menu
  10. then choose refresh
  11. then close folders and come back to VP
  12. refresh browser and the font should display on pages

....I ask Ye doth ye have what it takes to enter into thy Kingdom?


Good gentiles have graced these pages.

page by Baron Max 1/2000