Prince Alarming's Portfolio Pages

Hi and welcome to my Portfolio Pages'. In order to appreciate and view these pages you need to resize your browser window to a custom size. The websites I created back as far as 1995 were for a very popular chat program called Virtual Places. So, with that in mind, in order to display the pages correctly the previous sentence applies. Just a point of information, Virtual Places used webpages as a chatroom background. As a matter of fact, here's a pic of what the chat program looks like:

VP Chat App Window

The width may vary slightly because Rolly's Chat is user created version, it's not the actual Virtual Places chat program. It's just the core code of Virual Places and Rolly's take on what Virtual Places should be. The only difference is Rolly's is free, other versions you have to pay for. You can get a copy of Rolly's HERE, if you're interested.

Moving along here. Below are my early creations. I was one of the first 8 custom Avatar Creators. I branched out from Avatars to include Tourbuses, gestures and eventually introduced a new game. It is called Magic: The Gathering. Unfortunately the game was told to cease and desist by Wizards of the coast. Enough of the history lesson, shall we journey back in time?
  1. Thee VP Playpen 1 (My first attempt at a website circa 1995-1996. This is the 5th update of it.)
  2. Thee VP Playpen 2 The new and improved VP Playpen, 6th update circa. 1997-2000.
  3. MightyMax15's Toon Avs (At the time I had a hacker griefing me out of jealousy so, I changed my name).
  4. Sawbaria. A medieval kingdom I created and was first Baron Max then King MightyMax.
  5. MightyMax15's Poetry PagesThis is a collection of my Poetry circa. 1997 - 2001. Was first Zeph but, later became MightyMax15.
  6. Wreckle's Halloween Page. I briefly was Wreckle when I made this site. MAN I wish I had the 2nd page to this, it's only a partial website but, up for nostalgia purposes. I had entered a contest, I didn't win but, it was fun making and entering it.

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